About these books

Quest of the Dicepterons

A science fiction trilogy – imagine life elsewhere? imagine the unimaginable!

How it all began in 1972


Volume 1 – The Blue People of Cloud Planet

In 1972 six year old Jack Parker squealed with delight as Pioneer 10 blasted off from Cape Canaveral on its journey to photograph Jupiter and then onwards endlessly towards the stars. It carried a gold plaque showing a man and a woman and our location in the Milky Way galaxy.

Gold plaque on Pioneer 10

Gold plaque on Pioneer 10

How could the young American have imagined that this was a pivotal moment for subsequent Parker generations who became astronauts with dreams of travelling to the stars.

Join Scott Parker and Olivia Medici as they board their spaceship in 2150 for a one way ticket to the star Seren, 10 light years away, where they discover The Blue People of Cloud Planet, a unique species who are threatened to extinction by a hidden menace.

This fast moving space adventure is highly imaginative and explores how life might have evolved at another star. The reader is kept guessing as the plot twists and turns and slowly the presence of ‘something else out there’ becomes apparent.

At the end of Volume 1 the reader wants to know – who or what are the Dicepterons? – What are the consequences for Earth?  Questions that will be answered in Quest of the Dicepterons Volume 2. Follow link below for purchase options for Volume 1.

Volume 2 – Disaster Earth

In Volume 1 we woke up the Dicepterons. Now this frightening alien species targets planet Earth. Our world will experience a catastrophe not seen since the extinction of the Dinosaurs. Join Ella Medici in the Antarctic and Chuck Parker in space. Follow their amazing journey through the alien spaceship. Confront the Dicepterons. They are formidable and have visited Earth before! What do they want with our planet? Can anyone stop their quest?

Follow link below for purchase options for Volume 2

Volume 3 – The Quanoxy Xeric Galaxy

Earth has fought back and ejected the Dicepteron discs with our heroic astronauts on board. Here, in the final episode, we travel to places you could never have imagined. Now find out where the Dicepterons came from and the reason for their Quest. Travel to the Quanoxy Zeric Galaxy for a chilling climax which results in a shocking outcome for Earth.

Follow link below for purchase options for Volume 3


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